AnyTileMiniatures creates different kinds of Japanese 3D Printable terrain. Every month we build up on what you have had and move towards huge Japanese RPG Terrain with farmer houses and Samurai Manors, pagodas and merchant districts, castles and palaces. Sometimes I create campaigns on Kickstarter to roll out what’s been implemented in scope of one sub-theme. Check Campaigns for more info. Alongside, I create every month parts of next chapters of this huge Japanese journey. And you can find it on Patreon and Tribes.

Below you can find releases in chronological order:

January 2024. Samurai Manor #2. Part 2. Stables and Fence system

December 2023. Samurai Manor #2. Part 1. Tea House

November 2023. Samurai Manor #1. Part 3. The roofs

October 2023. Samurai Manor #1. Part 2. The Fence System, Shrine, Well, Verandas

September 2023. Samurai Manor #1. Part 1. 5 main rooms and the training room

August 2023. Wall Extension Pack for Feudal Japan: Farmers Village