Hey there!

My name is Stan. I am a digital artist with a background in architecture and 3D design. Now I am bringing these skills into creating 3D modular printable terrain. I am fond of Japanese architecture in general. I find its balance, curviness and harmony quite appealing. So I decided to create Japanese RPG terrain where everyone can play with his friends in any war Japanese scenario he comes across.

I invite you to embark on a journey through Feudal Japan, a violent yet gloriously aesthetic land. The land that invented its own style so seemingly innate to nature and attractive to the human eye.

The journey will consist of five parts, each next is bigger than the previous one.

  • #1 Farmers Village
  • #2 Samurai Manors
  • #3 Merchants Street
  • #4 Lord Keep: Daimyo Stone Castle
  • #5 Emperor Palace

Farmers Village is just the beginning, and the simplest one. The next bundles would have multiple stories, each of which is fully playable, interior, neat exterior, and damaged parts like walls and fortifications. And, of course, lots of secondary items: from wells to bridges, from fences to castle gates.

If you are into Japanese theme, please visit my Shop. I’m sure you will find something interesting for yourself